January 2019


The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Award in the amount of $4,000 will be presented to a local area high school student from the class of 2019  In selecting the award winner, the Foundation will be working with three local high schools…Westfield HS, Arthur L. Johnson HS, and Cranford HS.


The Foundation at its sole discretion may grant continuance awards for the years 2020-2022.  To be eligible for these additional awards, the 2019 student must continue to matriculate as a full time student at the University of Delaware, reapply for the award each year and meet the criteria and requirements established by the Board of the Foundation.  Future awards will be solely at the discretion of the Board and will be determined each year.


2019 Criteria

  • candidate must be accepted to and attending the University of the Delaware as a full time matriculated student for the academic year 2019-2020


  • candidate’s high school GPA must be no less than 3.2


  • candidate must have a financial need, as determined by the Foundation Selection Committee


  • candidate must have demonstrated an enthusiasm and passion for learning


  • candidate must be recognized by school, teachers, peers and community as a kind, moral and ethical person


  • candidate must be willing to be interviewed by the Selection Committee of the Foundation



    All candidates must submit the following by Wednesday, May 8th, 2019


  • copy of common application.  Common application can be used to replace any of the below listed documents requirements:  Record of community service and extra curricular activities; copy of essay submitted to the University of Delaware; other essays; letter of recommendation from no less than one high school teacher or guidance counselor


  • financial aid documents, FAFSA (doc with EFC #’s). 2018 tax return is required if financial aid (FAFSA) not available


  • provide acceptance letter and attendance affirmation to the University of Delaware


  • four year academic transcripts including the most recently completed semester

  • be available for interview with Board Member(s) at location to be determined by the high school guidance department


  • any financial and scholarship awards received must be disclosed

For application to be considered, all requirement documentation must be received by your Guidance Department no later than Wednesday, May 8th and be made available to the Foundation Scholarship Committee no later than Friday, May 10th.

Upon review of the information provided by the school and/or the candidates, the Board of the Foundation will select the candidates to be interviewed for the 2019 GFCMF award.  The Board will then make its’ selection after the interview process.  Candidate selection will be made solely at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation.
The Guidance Departments and candidates can learn more about the Foundation and Gregg by visiting Gregg’s website  
Board Contact; George Clyne, President, 908-654-6349; or Mary Ann Clyne, Secretary, 908-654-6349,